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>> protests in south korea after the north carries out its third nuclear bomb test. hello. this is al jazeera from in doha. catholics are taking in the news of the pope's resignation and looking into who might be the next leader. provides food for millions of people. a huge mission and cleanup of the world's oceans. an historic moment in kenya. the first presidetelevised presidential debate. we will bring you all the
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highlights. north korea has tested a nuclear bomb. experts believe the blast was twice as careful as previous tests 2009. the first signs of the underground detonation came when a man made earthquake was detected in and around the test site. the u.s. geological survey measured magnitude 4.9, considerably more powerful than previous tests. leaders have condemned it. and there are protests in south korea. they have the north korean flag and pictures of the leader of north korea, kim john thune. >> this remote mountain range in northern north korea for weeks has been under scrutiny. on tuesday the wait was over. pyeongchang said it carried out a test of a miniaturized nuclear weapons in a tunnel.
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this nuclear tests, unlike the previous one, was safely and perfect conducted at a high level by using a smaller and lighter nuclear armed with high explosive part. >> that claim marks a change about north korea's nuclear program. for years the governments here and in the u.s. have said north korea was some way of having a miniaturize device suitable for use on top of a missile. at least, this test brings that prospect closer. despite last year's successful rocket launch, north korea has yet to develop ballistic missile that could strike the u.s. that the country it says its nuclear weapons programs are targeted at. a miniaturized bomb would emboldened p'yongyang. >> it will give them more confidence that they have a credible deterrent. i personally believe they want a deterrent to keep americans out and to buy them room in which
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they can operate. >> of the president lee myung- bak held talks. the country's military is on watch for north korea's next move. >> we have strengthened the readiness of our military by increasing the security alert level to level two and we have activated the joint surveillance platform with the u.s. to monitor and north korean military movements. announcements in recent days in north korean media have led to speculation that their young leader might be backing away from a test. he has shown is the leadership is just as immune to international pressure and condemnation as his father is the four camps. al jazeera reporting. >> nato says the test poses a grave step to its international peace. the u.s. president has called it a highly provocative act that
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undermines regional stability. a spokesman for the un secretary general says that ban ki-moon considered it deeply the stabilizing, a clear and grave violation of the relevant security council reberesolution. >> the british foreign secretary says that he strongly condemns this, which is a violation of u.n. security council resolutions. the un will begin urgent consultations with security partners, calling for a robust response. north carroll's quest for nuclear weapons goes back years. in 1993 it withdrew its support for the nuclear nonproliferation tree pollen. less than 10 years later, pyeongchang admitted that it had a highly enriched uranium program. in 2006, a one-pillich and explosion occurred. the second test was carried out its 2009. last year it successfully launched a satellite into orbit. many believe that was a ballistic missile test.
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this latest tests has alarmed the international community that the u.n. security council will hold an emergency meeting a few hours from now. james is following developments. >> the un security council has acted very swiftly, calling a special meeting to discuss the situation in north korea. i think there's no doubt that all the countries that sit around the security council table, all 15, will condemn what is happened. the big question is what action will they take? it's worth noting the timing of what has happened. south korea currently holds the presidency of the u.n. security council. this was the set piece event of their month-long tenure on the security council. their foreign minister is currently here in new york. hours from now, president obama said to give his state of the union address. those two events may be a
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coincidence or this could be deliberately timed as an act of defiance by the north koreans. police of (hundreds of people in northeastern india. at least eight people were killed when violence broke out. members of a local tribe were protesting against village council elections that they say infringed on tribal laws. police intervened when armed villagers marched to the polling stations. many catholics are wondering who will become their next leader following pope benedict xvi's unexpected resignation. the 85-year-old says that he is too old to carry out his duties. it's the first papal resignation in nearly 600 years. is it time for non-european pope? let's look and some of the strongest candidates. in 2005, nigeria's cardinal francis was considered pope material by a conclave. then a cardinal from ghana named
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peter could be considered. a canadian is highly regarded and would be considered a more traditional choice. he's the head of the congregation of bishops', which appoints bishops around the world. been there oscar rodriguez of honduras. the 70-year-old latin-american was a contender during the last conclaves when benedict was chosen. many catholics are now hoping to get the new pope may come from asia. now this report from hong kong. >> standby the pope's decision to resign, catholics in manila are pressing for its well-being. with 80 million faithful, it's the largest catholic country in asia pacific region, considered the last bastion of catholicism. the church is even over matters
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of state. >> this is saddening. why did it and like the spin? why did it end this way? >> pope benedict, catholics had high expectations that he would've been the man to lead to the traditional and conservative catholic church into the 21st century. parts one is going to happen? he's the first head of the church and that is actually on technology, keeping in touch with people. now he will give it to someone else because he is too ill. it is shocking. >> a paypal resignation was also making headlines in south korea where 11% of the population is catholic. asia is one of the fastest- growing regions for catholicism. as much shock as there is,
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there's a slight hope that this could possibly be the time that a representative from asia to be elected to the papal seat. it would usher in a new era in catholicism. the church has not had a non westernport in the modern age -- non-western pope. many feel it would create a more global church. his sudden resignation leaves the door open to many possibilities and maybe the most modern of thing to happen to the church yet. >> we should admire him. it's a good example to other leaders. if you cannot fulfill your duties as a leader, then you should step down. >> with his departure on their minds, the faithful at st. joseph's in hong kong prepare for service. they are praying for his successor and have faith that no matter what's, the catholic church will survive. al jazeera, hong kong.
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>> and stories that we will keep an eye on, child trafficking victims, a verdict expected in a trial of six french aid workers charged with trying to smuggle more than 100 children out of africa. an important day for homosexual couples hoping to get married in france. parliament is expected to approve a law allowing them to get married and to adopt children. he was thrown into jail for making a film on post-election violence in iran. its previous movie was smuggled out of the country and on a hard drive hidden in a pastry. his latest film called "closed curtain" will be showcased later at the berlin film festival. later today we will cover president barack obama's state of the address. he will talk about north korea and iran, but he also has the economy to worry about. students in the u.s. will pay particularly close attention.
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now this report from kimberly. >> kelsey o'neill is a 22-year- old with three university degrees and three part-time jobs. that's because when it comes to finding steady work in her chosen field -- >> graduating -- since graduating, it's been difficult finding a job. >> with so many people looking for work with a country that has 7.9% unemployment, job- seekers who with little experience are struggling. america close economic downturn has hit students hard across the united states. when president obama addresses the nation on tuesday, many will be waiting to see what proposals he has to turn things around. >> jobs for our generation. we just really need jobs really bad. >> definitely, the economy. that's the most important thing to me as a college student. most likely everyone out here,
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that is something we're not confident in right now. >> last week there were indications the president is listening to the concerns of young people? and acknowledging their tyrol in solving the challenges facing the u.s. -- their key role. qwikster restaurant is our dynamism and our history of attracting talent from all around the globe. i of scene that talent in some of the young dreamers i met who want to serve in our military, want to get an engineering degree, want to help build this country. >> a political analysts as in order to win over the next generation, the president must offer them more than platitudes. >> want to hear specifics about where we are going to go, how the jobs will be created, how there can be coalition building in washington in order to create the jobs. that's what he will after do. he will not be able to win their spirit and their heart if he just talks about a broad generalities. his quest to restore the u.s.
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economy helps president obama get elected in 2008. until now, he has still deliver on what many students have been waiting for. >> trying to find a job is not been easy. rejection after rejection. >> she is hoping his next speech will be different so that she and her fellow students can simply enjoy the same economic opportunities as the generation that came before them. al jazeera, richmond, virginia. >> we will get the weather forecast next. in a few minutes we will speak with members of west bank community who says the separation wall being built will split their lands in half. >> in russia, and u.s. beef and pork have been banned. another example of how relations between the two countries are cooling.
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february 24 on link tv. >> hello again. north korea has tested a nuclear bomb. experts believe the blast was twice as parcel as a previous test in 2009. signs of the underground detonation came when a man made earthquake was detected go- around an aside. u.s. steel logical serving as measured magnitude 4.9, considerably more powerful than previous tests. world leaders have condemned it and there have been protests in south korea. many catholics are wondering who will become their next leader pulling the unexpected resignation of post-annexation common 16. the 85-year-old says he is too old to carry out his duties. -- the unexpected resignation of pope benedict xvi. millions of americans will be watching to find out president obama's plan to create jobs.
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in tunisia, the ruling party says an agreement on a new national government is expected within days, following protests after the assassination of an outspoken opposition politician. anger against the government is not new. people in coastal areas of the country are accusing the lead of neglecting them. now this report. -- the elite of neglecting them. >> this has been a hotbed since long before the revolution. they have traditionally felt the capital. an the capit last week's assassination of shokri belaid ignited anger. >> the government has failed and lead the country down a dark tunnel.
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the solution is to inform a government of technocrats. >> the union has lots of support. towards the end of last year, it led protests which turned violent, succeeding in having a local governor replaced. many here blame the ruling party for failing to prevent the murder of shokri belaid. they already blamed the government for failing to bring investment and jobs, just like old times. so they set fire to the party's headquarters last week and they ransacked the building where they had regular meetings. it seems the revolution honeymoon is over even if the local party head will not admit it. >> the party is very popular here, but there are elements was seeking to undermine it. >> the enhada party was embraced even here, but the party has begun to find that winning is easier than governing.
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al jazeera reporting. >> 12 people have been killed when a car blew up along the turkish-syrian border. dozens more seriously wounded. the turkish government said the vehicle came from an area controlled by syrian rebels. the incident happened at a border crossing. inside syria, fighters say they have captured an airfield in aleppo. these pictures are reportedly from the military airfield. rebels captured 40 soldiers at the base and are now in control of the airplanes and the weapons as well as the base. a court in israel is due to hand down a ruling on the construction of a separate action wall in a pristine valley in the west bank. lawyers representing palestinian land owner say that if the wall is built, the people will lose their land and the confervent will be surrounded.
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>> in this valley, there is thick vegetation and olive trees. it's one of the last remaining areas of nature close to bethlehem. the owners are regarded as a special place. >> it means family. it means history. it means homeland. >> if a wall is built, a large part of the valley will be annexed by israel. the palestinians who own the land will not able to willit. the proposed route of the separation wall would put one part of his land on one side and the other part on the other. 58 families would be cut off. >> i think this is the intention for the israelis, to neglect the land. >> there's also confident and a school in the valley. they could be surrounded by wall. >> it will be killing the school
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and turning it into a military compound. >> there's also a monastery near the conference. it could end up on the israeli side of the wall. every week, people from the village hold a mass in the valley. >> the land would be confiscated or stolen. >> people pray they will win the court case and there valley will not be lost behind an eight- meter high concrete wall. >> the european union health commissioner will talk about the scandal of beef comments contaminated by horse meat. talks will take place in brussels on wednesday. arlen says it will discuss whatever steps necessary to tackle the crisis sweeping the continent. it is american meat causing a
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stink in russia. they have banned imports of frozen beef and pork from the united states. the kremlin insists the decision is motivated by health concerns, but the u.s. is accusing them of protectionism. now this report from moscow. >> gone from the meat counters in moscow, beef, turkey, and pork imported from the u.s. a wholesale ban has started. the $500 million market could be finished. certain chemicals are banned in the european union and china, but the u.n. says it will not harm humans. russia disagrees and says it's not singling out the united states. >> [indiscernible] for two months we did our own
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monitoring and analysis, testing products from suppliers and producers accept for the united states america. >> this is not the first time russia has found fault with food imports. when ukraine raised russian gas prices, some of their products were not welcome on the shelves here. a similar incident happened with georgia. relations between the u.s. and russia are frosty. they became worse in u.s. citizens were denied visas. russia responded by banning u.s. couples from adopting their orphans. the ban on u.s. meat is the latest retaliation. >> russia has increasingly sent a message that it does not want
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american influence inside the country. it does not want america to meddle in russian affairs and it does not want to listen to america's preaching. this message is nothing new. it just has become more intense lately with more action not just rhetoric. part of four years ago, the u.s. reset relations with russia, hoping for a new era of cooperation. since then, differences over libya, syria, and russia's human rights record as september right back again. al jazeera poured in from moscow. >> the ocean is in dire need of help. the situation is so bad that there's a new international push to improve the health of the high seas call the whole ocean commission. it is being launched today. here are some of the key issues that it's particularly worried about. fish, we're getting too many of them. some species are being fished to commercial extinction
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prevents costing the global economy $50 billion per year. there's also concern about pollution during its tour in the ocean of oxygen and causing hundreds of dead zones where nothing can live. one of the people heading the commission is the former president of costa rica. he says the policies concerning our oceans need to make sense in the 21st century. >> the last time we try to do this as a plan is working together was over 30 years ago when we put together the united nations framework. back to day needs to be revived and updated. we have scientific evidence that shows us how to go out to a better administration and better governance of our high seas. and we have new instruments and technology that can help us in regulating and taking care of the high seas and in a sustainable fashion for ourselves and for the next generation. this is something that must be done. this commission has a mandate we
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have drawn up for ourselves to work only during one year and come up with a set of recommendations not more than 12 for 14 that will be put into the u.s. process, which by the way is already set to look at issues of the high seas as of next year. in addition, as of now, when we begin our work, we are building a multistate polder alliance, bringing in the private sector, others that have worked on this issue, if so that we can create a group of support not only for the recommendations of the commission but to push things court beyond our report in 2014. >> police in california are falling 700 leads in the hunt for a sacked police officer suspected of murdering three people. they have made little progress so far. now the latest from los angeles. >> there have been no breaks in the search for the man who declared war on the police. christopher dorner has been on
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the run more than a week. he said he was unjustly fired from the l.a. police and vows to take revenge on police officers that he holds responsible. the search centers on a mountainous area where his burned out pickup truck was found on friday. >> i am very concerned about the safety of law enforcement officers and their families throughout southern california. i am also confident that given all the resources that are being expended in his apprehension, that we will bring him to justice. >> l.a. police chief charlie beck has reopen the case that led to his firing, saying the police force has nothing to hide. officers shot of a pickup truck they thought was his, wounding two women delivering newspapers. police also fired on a vehicle driven by this man named david, senior holding one of the bullets that narrowly missed hitting him. if this is his lawyer.
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>> they tried to kill him. we're shooting and his head. how they could mistake a 160 pound white man for a 270 pound black man cannot be explained. >> dorner beth gaines sympathizers on line. a facebook pages supporting him says that he is fighting back against corrupt cops. for much of its history, the l.a. police department had a reputation for excessive force, corruption, and racism, says this author. >> the department famously described itself as the thin blue line, the new centurions that stood between chaos, which implicitly has often had an actress and american face -- an african-american face. >> it was placed under federal scrutiny after widespread abuses. there has been recruitment of more non-white officers and improved training and the a row
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over site was lifted years ago. a poll by the los angeles times showed 77% of voters approve of the police force's job performance,. authorities are offering a $1 million reward for information leading to his capture and co
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